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The following are high quality pervayors of fine local products used here at the Village Hearth and available to the public:

Pat's Pastured
Pasture-raised, free range & grass-fed goodness fro Li'l Rhody. Founded in 2002, Pat’s Pastured provides the highest quality pasture-raised and grass-fed meats. 

Windmist Farm
Proudly selling naturally raised beef, pork, chicken, lamb, and goat to the counties of Newport, Washington, Bristol, Kent and Providence, including: Jamestown, Newport, Middletown, North and South Kingstown, Portsmouth, Exeter and East Greenwhich, Rhode Island.

Moon & Peepers Pottery
Geoff Flickinger is a local potter working with clay for over 25 years. We proudly use his beautiful and unique, handcrafted mugs for our hot drinks. Contact Geoff and Sandy to make your set of gorgeous mugs or bowls for your own home use.

Jonathan's Organic Sprouts
For added flavor, variety, and a healthy boost we frequently use  Jonathan's Organic Sprouts on our lunch sandwiches. We proudly stand behind the excellence of this family owned and operated business. 

Norma Burnell Web Design 
f you like our web site then you'll LOVE Norma Burnell's work. You can contact her at the above website.